A new website, Art Of Toys, was launched this week in Sacramento, CA on Monday August 23rd, 2010 that is devoted to promoting artists and master craftsmen that create art in the form of toys. Included on site are one of a kind works of art, production designed art and vintage toys. This unique concept creates a place where the “art” of artists and toy designers can be displayed, appreciated and sold as art. To offer information about the art and artists while creating an environment for the collector to explore and appreciate TOYS as ART thus expanding their knowledge and collections.

Opening artists include Harry Allen, Marca Castillo-dolls, Greg Chase- marbles, Deanna Chase- jewelry, Jon Greene-Chesnik Kaleidoscopes, Ilona Hindt-felt sculptures, Sheryl Koch-kaleidoscopes, T. Oliver Kopian-Creatures Delight,  Marilyn Radzat-NIADA doll artist, Takashi Tsunoda-Piperoids,  David Weeks-woodwork.  All the artists are leaders in their own mediums with “toys” as a theme that links them together. Bios of the artists can be found on the site along with information about their work. Artists are showing one of a kind pieces as well as production pieces.

Education about art, collecting, vintage toys and related information and links are provided in blog section for collectors to share.  Provenance paperwork and related information is included with all pieces to enable collector to document their collection for the future.

Vintage toys include toys from all eras and types of play from Marx windups, Disney, Iwin, Hubley, Dinky, GI Joe, Frozen Charlottes just to name a few. All the vintage toys at some time in history were made for children but we no longer deem lead soldiers, tin windups or bisque dolls toys for today’s safety standards so the vintage toys on the site are now collectables for adults.

Check out a fun website for the young at heart at www.artoftoys.com and learn about these wonderful artists and their unusual works of art.

Contact for additional information or photos:                                                                                                                                                                              TerriRehg,GalleryOwner                                                                                                                                 terri@artoftoys.com